Body Care Treatments

Foot Peeling Treatment

The Peeling Treatment, specifically designed for the feet, combines two effects: a ‘peeling’ effect that smooths rough areas on the sole of the foot and a ‘regenerating’ effect on the top of the sole of the foot.
This peeling gel removes dead skin and soften rough patches, leaving the skin on the bottom of the feet looking brand new. The Beauty Therapist spatulas off all residue and smooths away imperfections.
Longue Vie Pieds Foot Cream contains 56 cellular ingredients. It helps deeply regenerate damaged skin on the foot and protect the new skin so that the top and sole of the feel appear rejuvenated.
After a 30-minute Treatment:

Luxurious Body Scrub – Treats From Nature Mediterranean

A New way of Living the Spa Experience with a Mediterranean body scrub.

Ivi beauty studio offers excellent and relaxing body scrubs. Come spend a day at our beauty studio! Get professional body wraps and scrubs to rejuvenate your body and soul. Book an appointment and contact us today. When you reach out, we can go over our various treatment options. So please, do not hesitate to get in touch with ivi beauty studio and start relaxing!

Duration: 55 minutes

Price: 40€

Body Scrubs

This body treat is a full body scrub down. Even the most stubborn dry patches and bumps won’t stand a chance. Improved circulation and soft skin are yours with this invigorating treatment. We finish with a luscious moisturizing soy treatment to leave you buttery soft and irresistible. Professional body scrubs offer important health benefits. Remove those dead skin cells and make way for healthier, cleaner looking skin!
- Sperience Exfoliating. With all the goodness from the sea.
A marine inspired body scrub that leaves the skin totally nourished and softened. Rich in Brown Algae extract, mineral salts and Vitamin C and E, it helps to stimulate lipolysis, detoxify the skin and remove dead cells.
The skin is left beautifully soft and smooth and with a luminous fresh appearance following exfoliation. Contains beeswax particles, algae extract, mineral salts and Vitamins C & E – everything your body loves and needs!
- Sperience Cinnamon & Ginger Scrub
This oil-based body exfoliator contains Cinnamon, Bitter Orange and Ginger extract to remove dead skin cells whilst supplying the skin with nutrients and activating circulation.
- Enter the Spa World of Germaine de Capuccini.
A place to discover the most incredible and new sensations, where the mind, the body and the spirit live unforgettable pleasant experiences.
An exquisite range of products that includes the best of nature combined with exceptional rituals and massages, which together achieve a unique well-being, with the guarantee and experience of Germaine de Capuccini.
An original concept that combines modernness and tradition.
The harmonious combination of PRODUCT – PROTOCOL – THERAPIST – AMBIENCE constitutes unique therapies of pleasure and well-being that allow us to provide the client with a true Spa experience.
The distinguishing character of Germaine de Capuccini.
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