Lush Lift & Brow Lamination


Natural Beauty

Unveil the secret to effortlessly groomed and beautifully lifted brows with Lush Lift and Brow Lamination. This innovative treatment not only tames unruly brows but also enhances their natural beauty, leaving you with a perfectly sculpted and defined arch. Elevate your look with the artistry of brow transformation, where every detail is meticulously crafted for a lush and lifted finish. Say hello to brows that speak volumes without saying a word!

Treatments - Trainings

Lush Lift

After the age of 25 years, skin start to reduce the production of collagen and peptides. With this treatment your skin will start to be tighter, giving the natural curvers of the area and be more hydrated.

Brow Lamination

This treatment is called brow lamination, which basically smoothes and lift up your brow on a more vertical direction. Moreover it gives them a uniform shape and brush for a long period of time.

Lush Lift / Brow Lamination Training

We offer training for all the enthuasiast outthere in order to know what is the whoole procedure of lush lifting and brow lamination.
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