Lift designer

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Lift designer

Tautening cream contours and firmness

Magnificent gel-cream treatment capable of redesigning the contours of the silhouette due to its triple action Remodelling, Fortifying and Lifting-Smoothing.
Thanks to its avantgarde ingredients, Lift designer works globally on the different factors that alter the harmony of the silhouette:
A true body architect that restores the figure with its firmness, suppleness and beauty, redesigning its shapes.

Indicated for
Firming and remodelling the contours of the silhouette.

Tissue Remodelling Factor (T.R.F.) that delays the expansion of the adipose tissue, helping to restructure the extracellular matrix.
Structuline IV, with a great firming effect.
Molecular film rich in plant peptides that deeply hydrates and has a powerful immediate and lasting lifting effect.

Presentation: 200 ml.

Apply twice a day on abdomen, buttocks, inner part of the arms and thighs, carrying out light massages until totally absorbed.


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