Age Refill Summum Mask

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The skin does not have the same needs during the day as at night. During the day, it is subject to the many stresses of daily life (climatic variations, wind, UV rays, pollution, hard water, etc.). It has little energy and regenerates badly. Your skin care cream forms a shield to protect it. At night, the energy is available and allows it to regenerate naturally from within. However, with fatigue or age, this night-time mechanism does not work as well and the signs of ageing set in…

To revive and boost this nocturnal regeneration of the skin, Guinot innovates with the new Age Refill Summum Mask: youthfulness recharged during the night!

To be applied as a 3-day treatment, in the evening before going to bed, on your previously cleansed skin, the Age Refill Summum Mask will act during the night by “infusing” its concentrated anti-ageing active ingredients, including Phospholipids, Hyaluronic Acid and Reffil Complex; when you wake up, the skin is thus plumped up, wrinkle furrows are plumped up, and the face is fresh and radiant with youth!

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