C+ (AGE) Duo Cream and Eye Cream

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Vitamin C is a miracle ingredient in skincare.  Not only is it vital to the production of collagen, it also fights glycation (caused from excess sugar intake), brightens dull skin, reduces even skin tone and pigmentation, and fights signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our AGE C+ range contains Ume extract from a Japanese plum which is extremely rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and organic acids which combine to defend the skin against collagen and elastin damage, sagging skin and wrinkles.

AGE C+ Intensive Multi-Correction Cream (for normal to dry skin) improves the luminosity and hydration of the skin, helping it appear rejuvenated, hydrated and firmer.

Perfect for people their 20s and 30s, AGE C+ Eye Contour Cream fights the damaging effects of sugar on our skin and immediately brightens and illuminates the eye area, while also acting as a natural sunscreen to protect from sun damage, and de-pigmenting (great for hormone pigmentation around the eye area).

What it includes:

AGE Vitamin C+ Intensive Multi-Correction Cream 50ml

AGE Vitamin C+ Eye Contour Cream 15ml


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