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Intensive Reducing Gel-Cream

Anti-cellulite product with generalized action that counteracts the natural condition of the body’s metabolism depending on the moment: day or night.

Formulated based on plant extracts whose combination (Buxus Sinica, Pimpinella Anisum, Extract of Lepidium Meyenii and Marine Plankton) is capable of awaking and accelerating certain processes related to the “burning” of fat and prevents the accumulation of triglycerides in the adipocytes. Its activity adapts to the differences of the day and night metabolism 24h hours a day.

  • 24h Multi-Action.
    Works the whole day long .
  • Its action is intensified while practicing physical exercise *. Physical activity enhances the action of the Plankton Extract. If you practice sports during the period of application of the product the results are intensified..

*It is recommendable but not essential, because after successive applications the ingredients continue working progressively.

  • It is a multi-functional product :

-Anti-accumulation, it prevents future accumulations taking into account the chronobiological metabolism of the adipose tissue.

Reducing, because it “attacks” existing accumulations.

Energizing, activates the process of degradation and intensifies the “combustion” of fats.

Firming, the silhouette is contoured after the reduction.

-Melting gel-cream texture, Melting gel-cream texture, truly innovative it melts on the skin and allows a light, fresh, and very pleasant massage. Absorbed without difficulty and allows to get dressed next .

Indicated for:
Reducing volume and ending cellulite.

Formulated based on plant extracts, Buxus Sinica and Pimpinella Anisum, Extract of Lepidium Meyenii and Marine Plankton.

Application: Apply morning and night from below the chest to the knees with specific movements, insisting on the areas of localized cellulite.


During the night :

  • Anti-accumulation, it prevents future accumulations taking into account the chronobiological metabolism of the adipose tissue.
  • Reducing Action, stimulates the emptying of the adipocyte and facilitates the drainage of liquids, activates the lipolysis during the night rest.
  • Energizing Action: provides energy to intensify the “combustion of fats”, stimulating the energetic metabolism of the adipocytes.

During the day :

  • REDUCING ACTION Enhances the “fat-burning” activity, incites the adipocytes to empty themselves.

Practicing physical exercise strengthens this action.

  • FIRMING/TONING ACTION Emulates the effect of resistance exercise by increasing the synthesis of adiponectin*. Apart from more reduced, the silhouette appears firmer, more toned and defined .

Its effectiveness is enhanced with the practice of physical activity.

* This action is attributed exclusively to the Plankton Extract and has been clinically tested and proven .

Self-evaluation test on 55 volunteers with women aged between 19 and 60 for 2 months.

Presentation: 200-ml tube


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