Golden Caresse Cream – anti-ageing (dry skin) SPF50

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An advanced anti-ageing protective cream with an SPF50 designed for skin that needs stronger and more effective protection against wrinkles, dark spots and signs of sensitivity.

This product is perfect for skin which is dry – for normal skin / mixed skin, use the SPF 50 Emulsion.

This advanced Cream for dry skin protects and repairs the stem cells, prevents the appearance of sun dark spots and safely stimulates the tanning process.

Main Benefits

  • Protects & repairs the stem cells. (Vital for skin renewal)
  • Corrects & prevents the appearance of sun darkspots
  • Highest UVA & UVB protection to European standard
  • Packed with anti-oxidants to repair damaged skin
  • Safely stimulates and prolongs the tanning process

Key Ingredients

  • STM-Cell Sun Prevention: An excluive complex stimulates the self-defence and self-repair mechanisms of Stem Cell. Therefore their capacity to repair and regenerate is not diminished, slowing down the ageing process. Dark spots are prevented, and those that are there are corrected.
  • Pro-tanning Active: a powerful natural photoprotector with antioxidising properties
  • Latest generation of UVA and UVB sunscreens: Offer the highest possible protection


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