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Purple Clay Facial Mask 2 in 1 with Apricot Exfoliating kernels

The innovative Organic 2 in 1 Purple Clay Facial Mask is ideal for deep cleansing and exfoliation of your skin.

It has 2 different detoxifying agents, red clay and  activated bamboo charcoal:

  • The combination of red clay and charcoal removes all toxins, dead cells and impurities even from the deeper layers of the skin very quickly and effectively. Red clay, rich in iron and other minerals, stimulates blood circulation, traps heat and creates hyperemia. Improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin. Bamboo charcoal comes from Moso bamboo. It absorbs excess sebum and impurities up to 100 times its weight, giving a natural glow. The skin looks clearer and brighter.
  • Apricot kernels, as exfoliating agents, enhance the action of clay and charcoal and remove dirt and dead cells left on the skin. Thus, this combination of clay,charcoal and apricot kernels give a completely clean and radiant skin.
  • Calendula, witch hazel, chamomile, cucumber and oats nourish and moisturize the skin.

Offer your skin a really deep cleansing after a long day, relax with the power of lavender and enjoy your skin rejuvenated and clean.

Try the 2 in 1 Purple Clay Mask and you will love it!

Fantastic purple color, organic and natural smell!

* May cause temporary redness on sensitive skin.


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