SRNS Pro 60+ Gift Box

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Feel the Beauty with Pro 60+ and a complimentary SRNS Eye Repair Serum 


Pro 60+ includes award-winning technology, with over 60+ active ingredients including the latest in anti-ageing technology (epigenetics) which turns on “sleeping youth proteins in our genes to reverse the signs of ageing.

Pro+60 is our #1 selling cream for anyone over 40

Complimentary SRNS Repair NIGHT PROGRESS EYE AND VITAMIN SERUM  is a highly concentrated serum with over 60% active ingredients that help revitalise and illuminate the eye contour area and reduce puffiness and tired-looking eyes.

Πακέτο γενικής αντιγήρανσης που περιλαμβάνει την 24ωρη κρέμα προσώπου pro60, βασισμένη στην επιγενετική και βραβευμένη με νόμπελ κοσμητικής Αισθητικής και δώρο SRNS Repair Night PROGRESS EYE and vitamin c serum


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