Treatments Facial

Deep Facial Cleansing

Professional facial cleansing aims to clean skin in depth in order to eliminate dead cells, unwanted build up of oil and skin cell debris and acne. It aims to give energy and long-lasting brightness to the skin, toning the skin tissue and firming the layer of skin. Is the best habit for everyone in order to have a cleaner, healthier and radiant-free face.
The facial cleanse can be done with a variety of treatments depending on your problem or the skin condition. Treatments can include face mask, massage, steam and skin exfoliation with different kind of products.

PowerShape 2 - Shaping System (Facial)

Powershape2 is a powerful, 3-in-1 slimming system that uses noninvasive methods like Bipolar RF, low-level laser and vacuum roller for musculoskeletal pain relief, body contouring, cellulite and fat reduction. It also helps to small muscular pains. It can be operated on the face as well as the body.

Guinot Treatments


If you are looking for a clear and bright skin a deep facial cleansing is all you need. This kind of facial removes dead skin cells from the surface stimulates circulation beneath the pores, and fights the free radicals that age skin prematurely. If performed regularly, a deep cleansing facial can make your skin look refreshed, revitalized and more youthful. The facial begins with cleansing, to get rid of the makeup and grime that has built up on your skin through day-to-day life, then moves on to exfoliation, to remove impurities from your skin. After that, steam and massage open your pores and promote circulation, and a deep extraction ensures even the most stubborn blackheads and impurities are removed. A final cleansing banishes all remaining dirt, toner is applied to refresh and tighten the skin, and a mask is applied to moisturise and nourish. The end result is a much cleaner face with a smoother complexion and fewer fine lines.

Hydradermie Guinot Lift

This treatment lifts the features and restores the definition of the facial contour. It acts deep in the skin through muscle stimulation and anti-aging. Hydradermie Lift Treatment also stimulates the facial muscles. This has as a result a younger and lifted skin.

Hydradermie Guinot Eye Lifting

This treatment helps to reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eye area. Also it reduces the shadows around the eye and the back beneath the eye. This treatment is designed specifically for the eye contour are refreshes, minimizes signs of ageing and fatigue and restores a more youthful appearance due to muscle stimulation the lifting effect is remarkable

Hydradermie duo – Lift

This treatment allows the skin to breathe and be more receptive to beauty products. With the circle movements we release the tension and we improve the tone of the skin

Lift Summum

This treatment is designed to smooth and firm the skin on the face. It offers a fast acting results while removes dead skin cells, restore radiance, improves skin elasticity, fills and erase wrinkles.

Age Summum

they treatment combines technology and exclusive movements for visible results on signs of ageing. It’s an alternative way to plastic surgery for treating the signs of ageing. By the end of the treatment the skin will look remarkably youthful, wrinkles and fine lines are filled in and the skin is smoother.

HP Peeling

Hydra Peeling by Guinot is a treatment that exfoliates, moisturize and renew the skin. This treatment uses regenerating cream with massage and it minimize dark sports, regenerate the texture of the skin by increasing its radiance and moisturize the skin deeply. The results on the skin are visible. Brighter, cleaner and younger skin are some of the results.

Germaine de Capuccini

Excel Therapy O2

Works globally on the main signs of ageing, activating and strengthening the skin’s defences to prevent and stop the process towards premature ageing. This treatment used a wide range of products to prevent and repair skin damage caused by pollution and artificial blue light. Excel Therapy O2 helps to insert oxygen deep into the skin cells for a more healthy, detoxified and radiant skin.

Ritualist Roler Lift

A new treatment for lifting skincare! Ritualist Roler Lift by Time Experts helps to rebuild the skin cells on face and restores firmness from inside out. We reduce the visibility of wrinkles and facial volumes and we give a bright sight to the whole face.



This treatment helps on the restoration of collagen, lifting of skin for a younger look and treats any imperfections on the skin. Also this therapy helps lifting from the inside out to enhance skin tightening effect.


This mesocosmetic treatment it’s suitable for skin areas with hyper-pigmentation. It softens the dark skin, bring radiance and help it to be more bright, using vitamin C.


A mesocosmetic treatment formulated to soften wrinkles and increase the skin’s firmness on the face, neck and cleavage. Its active ingredients restore cell communication and stimulate the neosynthesis of the elements making up the skin’s structural matrix: collagen and elastine and hyaluronic acid. Ideal for aged and sun worn skins.

2B Bio Beauty

2B Bio Beauty

The 2B Bio Peeling peeling treatment activates the exfoliation process from within the skin. It’s a therapy for all skin types, conditions and colors with natural and powerful ingredients. These ingredients help to eliminate toxic pollution and signs of aging to re-grow the natural facial contours. It also helps to stimulate the skin to reject the impurities that smother it.

The micro-needling effect of the treatment has the ability to enhance collagen production, increase the flow of oxygen in devitalized tissue, and strengthen sluggish muscle tone. This peel improves compromised skin and resurrects its natural appearance. It also reduces hyper-pigmentation while restoring the tired look of skin.

LED Treatment

Led Treatment

This treatment is a skin care technique that helps treat acne, reduce inflammation and promotes anti-aging effects. This aesthetic treatment increases the collagen and the tissues on the skin making it smoother.